ACORN PV Series – Empowers heavy industry

Manufacturers in heavy industry are looking for gearboxs with high perfomrances and long service life to satisfy the increasingly demading production requirements and that our PV Series Helical gearbox matches their needs.

Our PV Series is designed to achieve 3 Highs: high torque, high overload capacity and high reduction ratio. For standard model, our PV can achieve 900,000Nm while for customerised one can arrive as high as millions Nm, suitable for different project requirements. To achieve higher overload capacity, premium components are used. Gear is the soul of reducer. With our advanced gear processing technology (we produce gears for the Chinese aerospace industry), all the gears are complied with AGMA (America GEar Manufacture Association) 12-14 standard to prevent gear failure. Moreover, special heat-treating and frozen assemblying processes are to increase the accuuracy

In terms of component, the following recognized brands are our components suppliers:
• SKF for bearing
• NOK for seal
• FUSHI for lubrication

View this video for 3D decomposition

Good reducer is only part of the sucess of a high-scale project. Our dedicated and global project management team can assist in model selection, installation support and after-installation trouble shooting to ensure the reducers have life-long services for our customers. Please clic the below link to contact our project management team in North and South America.

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