Acorn Industrial Corporation (AIC for short) is a 100% owned Subsidiary of Changzhou Guomao Lide Transmission Co.,Ltd, the largest indigenous reducer manufacturer in China. For over 30 years, Guomao Lide has become famous for providing the best value and reliability in the drive industry.

Core Products: In its new role, AIC maintains the ability to supply global customers with a wide range of GR, helical-gear, GS helical-worm gear, GK helical-bevel gear, and GF parallel-shaft helical gear motors, along with in-line cycloidal and GX planetary gear reducers.

Capabilities: Moreover, AIC has exceptional engineering capabilities that allow it to provide customized design products such as PV helical gear industry reducers, plastic and rubber special reducers and to also mill special reducers. AIC is proud of having over 100 design engineers on its team and more than 2000 skilled workers to manufacture high-quality products for worldwide market. AIC has the ability to produce most of key components itself and thereby strictly control the quality of these components. To accomplish this, AIC operates nine high-efficiency assembly lines to ensure short lead time and quick response to changing manufacturing requirements.

Market Objectives USA: As a new incomers to the North American market, AIC has developed corporate objectives to create a positive reputation in the mid-to high-end market through a three-stage, long-term investment plan.

Stage I: AIC will focus on the development of a sales and marketing system supported by a comprehensive service network with a goal to have all in place in the next three years.

Stage II: Upon development, AIC will consider building US manufacturing plants to provide enhanced availability and service.

Stage III: Upon successfully developing a positive sales, marketing, parts and service network and begin manufacturing within the United States, the company will then develop a recognized brand based on three critical components… quality, reliability and performance.

We welcome you to our company and our team and look forward to meeting with you to discuss the future.

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