How Solimec Rapidly Advances and Develops ACORN Brand in Honduras, Central America.

Since February 2017 Solimec became ACORN’s authorized distributor, our development in the palm oil industry in Central America has been advancing rapidly. ACORN has provided full supports, such as marketing materials, product selection training, and direct project management support. In March, ACORN and Solimec conducted an one-week joint visit to palm oil factories in Honduras, meeting with the management and production team to introduce ACONR brand and present the advantages of our gearboxes.

Although the Honduran power transmition market is mainly dominated by SEW, all the factory owners and production managers are very interested in ACORN brand when we presented to them. They are very impressed by the fact that our gearboxes can provide highly-matched technical specifications while offer competitive prices. Moreover, we are able to provide spare parts for them to do simple maintenance.

ACORN representatives are providing technical and product selection training to Solimec’s engineers