ACORN Brings High-efficiency and High-capacity Gearboxes to the Sugar Manufacturing Industry in Colombia


Columbia is ranked the world’s #13 largest sugar producer. Per annum, 2,310 metric tons of sugar are being produced. To achieve such a high volume production capacity, high torque and high efficient gearboxes for heavy industry are deployed.

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In this year, Acorn participates in Sugarex Expo, aiming to bring our technological advanced, yet economical solutions to help the sugar industry in Colombia to increase production capacity and efficiency.



Acorn’s project management teams discuss with consultants working directly with sugar factories to construct project solutions.

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After the Expo, our local partners brought us to the sugar factories in the North of Cali Colombia for project inspection and site visit.


Production managers in the sugar factory show us around their factory and indicate where new gearbox would be installed.


With Acorn’s comprehensive product portfolio and project management know-how, the production team of the sugar factory is able to pick the right reducers for factory expansion.