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Every 4 years, all the leading manufacturers in the mining sector gather in MINExpo, Las Vegas to demonstrate their latest technology and equipment.

In this year 2016, Acorn Industrial Corporation (AIC) is full of ambition and aggression to enter the American market






Among all reducers, AIC has picked several flagship products, including planetary, cycloid, shaft for heavy industry, helical-worm, in-line and helical-bevel


Visitors from all over the world are interested in AIC’s diverse product portfolio and high quality products.






AIC’s international team, from the United State, China, Mexico, and Chile, is qualified to provide both pre- and post-sales services to satisfy all customer and project requirements

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A mine owner from Arizona is very interested in our helical in-line gearmotor for replacing his existing broken-down unit from a Japanese brand. Our sales engineer is introducing the technical requirements of the model





If you are interested in learning more about our product, please contact our sales representatives at 1 (909) 673-0032 or visit our headquarter at the address below:

2078 E Francis St
CA 91761
United States